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Many offshore platforms & rigs require constant maintenance and updating. Accurate information on these platforms is essential to maintain safe and productive work environments. Our laser scanning services are enabling engineers to decide where new equipment can be placed and the best positions for existing equipment to be moved to, aiding and extending the lifetime of offshore platforms. This results in a reduced development, maintened life cycle and rapid accurate measurements, reducing the time and effort of ongoing work.

Terrestrial scanning uses a ground-based or tripod-mounted light radar to create high resolution 3D images of surfaces and objects. LiDAR measures a scanned object by emitting laser pulses and recording the subsequent intensity of their return when reflected off it. Scanning can be performed over kilometres with sub-centimetre precision. Terrestrial scanning is commonly used for heritage documentation, 3D topographical surveys, accident sites, confined spaces survey and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) models.

Surveying that we offer:
Terrestrial Laser Scanning Mobile Laser Scanning Offshore Scanning High definition Surveys / Laser Scanning Hydrographic Surveys Identification / Property Boundary Surveys Aerial Surveys / Photogrammetry Site Detail & Feature Surveys Volumetric Surveys Lease Surveys As-constructed Surveys

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