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The curt truth prevalent in the service industry is that one is never allowed to fail, for quality is measured by the number of errors one does or doesn’t make. Performance, on the other hand, is measured by customer satisfaction. The entire purpose of all the processes and efforts is to achieve a common goal, based on human effort and opinion. This more often than not, leads to one failing to see the actual ultimate objective – excellence!

At Scontech, we take excellence as the driver, an integral part of the process, rather than a utopian concept. Our process for CAD, BIM Services is directed towards instilling excellence in all our endeavors, via the following measures:

Making process paramount Creating certain compliances statutory by technology: The ‘assembly line’ does not move unless complied The ‘First Time Right’ philosophy is ingrained into our training systems The Quality Team is an integral part of our process formation and training Client needs are understood to customize processes for the life cycle of each project Projects are not considered complete without Review, Feedback and Documentation All processes and systems are reviewed and updated periodically

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We are pioneers in offering Design Support Services across the Global Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. Our team has over 100 Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and CAD Technicians. We value commitment, transparency, quality and collaboration to nurture a compelling work culture.


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